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Personal computer of Flour Production Line monitors a system

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1 overview is current, domestic most Flourplant detects the method is backward, all sorts of parameter, forms for reporting statistics should rely on artificial statistic, computation and collect, this goes against fourth person opposite to produce the adjustment of a few keys in the process not only, also affect the government that wide opposite produces. Narrate the current situation in the light of L, we design personal computer of wide Flour Production Line to monitor a system. This system undertakes monitoring to a few main parameter in process of Flour Production Line plan although, be opposite namely the ginseng such as skin of all sorts of unprocessed food grains, moisture, grade Flour, beat, power consumption is to collect junior travel to put lay aside, processing, show, print all sorts of place our newspaper to express at any time. 2 technologies ask 2. 1 $ is counted beforehand buy can is opposite standard of the grade that produces Flour, weight undertakes choosing to mix beforehand buy. 2. Clock of 2 real time has timing function, can undertake installing to time of clock initial value, relief, can undertake to time online revise. 2. 3 itinerate testing system can is opposite unprocessed food grains, moisture, special one pink, special all previous of the clam of 8 kinds of ginseng such as 2 pink, standard pink, effect, power consumption test point undertakes timing itinerate detects. 2. 4 multistage CRT shows the system uses M the member that CRT and TV of a big screen are joined to all sorts of monitoring undertakes indication, indication means uses means of scroll of full screen Chinese character. 2. 5 forms for reporting statistics are printed can print production to analyse forms for reporting statistics of output of forms for reporting statistics of crop of watch, class, buccal crop forms for reporting statistics, month randomly at any time, produce per year a quantity forms for reporting statistics, inside year, year each contrast between analyses a watch. 2. 6 all previous. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " Shandong electron " 1999 02 period commissariat and feed industry

Personal computer of Flour Production Line monitors a system

One overview in last few years each district built road of a batch of long pink in succession purificatory pink product line. ' need of complex and whole technological process has senior technology of these product line technological process very great stability gift makes sure the product is produced, quality. "Accumulative total crop " , " flour extraction " , " unit power consumption " with relevant other production parameter is shown will produce administrator and manufacturing worker to offer guidance to improve an operation to make product line is in optimal production condition. 2 functions and the main function that operate this L, system are to dog automatically collect circumstance of Flour Production Line and automatic output undertakes be monitoringed automatically to circumstance of Flour Production Line after classics computer data processing. 2, L of the result that monitor minute indication L second measure 7 times in all namely (crop of 1) accumulative total (ton) ;(2) among them special one pink crop (ton) . (3) specific yield (ton hour) ;(wife) flour extraction (' . ) one pink occupies;(5) spy the rate (of all Flour. . ) ;(6) unit power consumption (degree ton) embellish of;(7) gross profit (yuan) . Among them (L name amount is quantity of class accumulative total additionally 4 quantities are instant quantity. 3, the system is built have time printout subsystem cent is printed for the hour and class plan prints class plan. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

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