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System of 200 tons of wheaten and special Flour Production Line designs day

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The production of our country wheaten tailored flour starts to lying later to develop level quickly at present. Because tailored flour has distinctive character characteristic and craft adaptability,add consequently the cost is high one of development direction that are Flour course of study. Go up in the production of tailored flour and development however the attention of people is in morely centrally the strong anything resembling a tendon or vein such as biscuit, steamed bread, boiled dumpling and in muscle kind tailored flour and weak muscle waits in biscuit, cake kind tailored flour respect takes seriously however use homebred wheat to produce losing muscle especially not quite kind. Henan province believes in relief area to teem with high grade the biscuit that low muscle wheat is ideal, cake is special article union Henan saves raw material of Flour Production Line finite liability company builds Flour of Jin Yuna of county of bank of the Huaihe River " day handles 200 tons high grade tailored flour of weak muscle wheat produces a system " construction project is opposite of soft wheat. Manufacturing tailored flour must have 3 requirements proper raw material, advanced production technology and, system matching pink. The character of Flour depends on the precision of the character Flour of raw material depends on manufacturing technology is mixed and the diversification of Flour breed depends on system matching pink. This 3 person be short of one cannot. Milling flow is the core of whole craft. The character that is aimed at soft wheat is in milling flow (the article in all 59 pages) article catalog | Read full text >>

Chinese business did paper of Master of university of industry of authoritative provenance Hefei 2005 industry

Improve beneficial result of economic integration of wheaten tailored flour discuss

With economy production of reasonable wheaten milling craft is saleable the tailored flour of satisfy the need is current the heavy a lecture given to a large number of students of each Flourplant inscribes small profit period. The article is adjusted with respect to the raw material choice in wheaten tailored flour, craft, processing of product combination, character, benefit is compared wait for a respect to make a few discuss consult for person of the same trades. Because choice of L raw material produces food tailored flour to have special demand to wheaten character so if do not add a choice to use the production of tailored flour of requirement our country that produces tailored flour with respect to short of blindly to because the reason of each respect is major,be in development initial stage to wheat Flourplant import in order to import wheat or part of person of homebred and wheaten mix into wheaten. For this with the price cheap and what character accords with a requirement again is homebred and wheaten the optimal way that already made each Flourplant reduce cost for tailored flour of raw material production ' him basis year test data and unit of concerned scientific research are opposite the test data author of wheaten character thinks a lot of areas of our country exist. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

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