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The competition of industry of Flour Production Line that is based on Niche analysis locates the strategy studies

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Come nearly 10 years, it is the period with the most swift and violent progress of our country economy, also be the period of time with Flour industry the rapiddest development. On one hand, consumptive market is more mature, demand presents a diversity and the trend that differ dissimilation, on one hand, economic progress drives an industry to upgrade, enterprise originally, the advantage such as product, service is disappearing gradually, the difference between the enterprise becomes smaller and smaller, of the product coessential change more and more serious also. In the period of this kind of incentive competition, how does the enterprise plan oneself product, how is oneself target group found in big market, make ability of what competition strategy make sure the company grows continuously, these are the tasks that Flour industry practitioner explores for a long time. The article is the analytic research that has to afore-mentioned problems, the article develops course proceed with from what introduce Chinese Flour industry above all, described the current situation of Flour industry market; The Lijili that introduces to this research next is talked and theory of competitive fixed position was done elaborate in detail; Pass the analysis of catenary of pair of Flour industry industry and value catenary, point out Flour process can bring the crucial link of value rise in value for the enterprise, the food safety in running a course to the Flour Production Line that consumer cares is superintended make a specification; The overall environment that applies PEST to analysed model of law, 5 force to unscramble Flour market and competitive environment, to coming to our country nearly a few years the supply of Flour and demand situation undertake an analysis, make for the strategy provide a basis (the article in all 71 pages) article catalog | Read full text >>

Paper of Master of university of authoritative provenance Tianjin 2014 Plant Diversity

Evolution Of Biogeographic Disjunction Between Eastern Asia And North America In ChamaecyparisInsights From Ecological Niche Models

Biogeographic Disjunction Between Eastern Asia(EA)andNorth America(NA)is One Of The Most Fascinating Biogeographicpatterns(Graham1972;Wen;Xiang Et).Howevermost Plant Taxa In These Two Regions Show An EasternAsian And Eastern North American Disjunction(De. ;Wen;Wen AndShi1999;Xiang Et Ah2004).Fewer Plant Groups Are Disjunctlyd. . . (The article in all 6 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " Plant Diversity " 2017 03 period culture of China and foreign countries and article are talked

"Niche " notional semeiology is unscrambled

One, the name of Niche concept and fact " Niche " once was ecology of leaf of 20 centuries second half (Ecology) domain is medium the most important also most one of ideas that define hard are in the book that the 60 ecology with 70 time research and paper the text of about 1/4. In recent years ecology and semeiology (of Semiotics) interdisciplinary collaboration should cast a symbolic ecology it seems that again (semeiology of Semioticecology) or zoology (the course direction that Ecosemiotics) regards future as the likelihood " Niche " of one word again process of deal in generalities (Reconceptualization) also is this kind of collaboration reflect. . . (The article in all 10 pages) read full text >>

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