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Of Flour Production Line but program logic controls a system

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Of Flour Production Line but program logic controls systematic Fan Jianxin (automation is) the function that the programme controll in 0 introductive Flour Production Line needs to come true basically is the order when asking to drive according to craft start, the order when jockeying jockeys; Report in time and show each storehouse stuff " empty " or " full " , of storehouse of raw material of guidance of in order to, finished product storehouse mix into the storehouse a storehouse; Receive all sorts of signal in producing a course, when moving normally, the corresponding indicator light on imitate screen is bright, if appear breakdown, call the police in time (the corresponding indicator light on electric bell noise and imitate screen twinkles) , till trouble removal till, after passing booked delay time otherwise, corresponding stop automatically machine, avoid the amplification with farther accident. The programme controll of Flour Production Line used the logic of relay to control a system all the time in the past. This construction of system is simple, easy control, low-cost, the programme controll of basic can contented Flourplant asks. But because this system used the logistic control of hard wiring, modification process is difficult, working flexibility and dependability are very poor, and volume is huge, safeguard workload big. PLC system replaces the hardware logic that with relay contact comprises to control a process with software, have volume small, weight is light, according to craft demand change is controlled logically agile, convenient wait for an advantage. And the relay that replaced much with software contact, make the life that dominates a system got. . . (The article in all 4 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " without stannum light industrial university journal " 1960 20 period contemporary Flour industry

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" contemporary Flour industry " bimonthly of Modern Flour Milling Industry() ever used print name Flour communication. Regard a country as a milling that promotes an industry in order to raise milling technology level exclusively to develop ability to be main garden plot kind professional periodical is professional strong theory and practice pay equal attention to and commissariat of can close together union is current with Flour Production Line get actually increasingly country of industry of the Flour outside be opposite generally reputably drive. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " contemporary Flour industry " 2017 04 period contemporary Flour industry

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To serve to expand the demand of contented and wide readership at the industry better this print is released solicit contributinos advertisement welcomes an author eagerly contribute. , the; such as the;; such as the new technology of Flour Production Line of policy; , tailored flour, nutrition aggrandizement, new technology, new, new standard, equipment and food safety, sanitation, Flour spends the development that reachs by-product to use;; , design medium or small the experience introduction of Flourplant technology innovation, technical reformation and problem. , number, unit of measurement and symbolic Wu press concerned state level, code please the manuscript of word above of compose;3 000 asks to offer summary and keyword contribution to had better use electronic text version commonly. . The interpret of foreign paper needs to be asked for formerly before draft contribute author or former. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

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