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The technology that talks about enterprise of Flour Production Line progresses

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The progress that produces as our country agriculture and flowing water of person the people's livelihood raise Flour smoothly to had made the staple food that people lives. , the key that accelerates food industry development. One, the 50 bowel of the enterprise of existing Flour Production Line of current situation our country of enterprise of our country Flour Production Line are before founding a state, mix found a state the character that classics of bigger one by one transforms the old Plant average scale of put into production of initial stage building to remain our country Flour Production Line at present 1000. The others. These Plant are existing commonly craft is backward, dated, piece rate is low, use up high issue. Compare abroad for exemple home with flour extraction average low 5 bowel above presses Zi rich city year wheaten quantity computation gives Flour8000 less one year namely ton. The labor strength that additionally difference of homebred automation rate cannot leave to handle person of the multitask that take a person artificially is great. Technical reformation of enterprise of our country Flour Production Line is accordingly imperative no time to delay. 2, country. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " commercial science and technology " 1988 08 period food store

A few crucial questions of Flour deposit

And pink is a kind of fine powder can regard it as two-phase material, gas phase and solid photograph. The certain character that it has common solid body (for example the alterable form sex inside certain limits) the certain feature with common gas (be like condensability) . Next it is high moisture absorption is easy invade for mould catch or cruel changes; under certain circumstance may become biologic habitat again. If Flour dust in suspension has at be being encountered in air,scintilla can produce explosion. Its deposit involves the matter that need not say to have so various character necessarily the problem on a lot of technologies and operation. A lot of aspects that when the design that considers Flour warehouse we must consider to be concerned with Flour if angle of repose of granuality bulk density spends wall attrition element condition of climate of sort of qualitative Flour of chemical of lukewarm, humidity and wait to the personnel, harm with the building. The certain problem of these respects undertakes article put up with discuss. One, commonly used housing materials has warehouse concrete, metal and lumber still have Bo towing tie 3 kinds, all sorts of plastic wait with mortar. 1. Concrete storehouse coagulates with rod of reinforcing steel bar although lesser warehouse cost is higher,Flour of earthy storage Tibet is quite general but older warehouse is cost less. The rod coagulates one of advantages of earthy storehouse are Yi Jiancheng square or rectangle thereby can better favourable geographical position uses a space. The dimension of the most comfortable section of concrete storehouse is 7 X7 about foot the watch inside its. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

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