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Grain oil detects the technical application in process of Flour Production Line

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Closely related the quality of Flour and character of wheaten unprocessed food grains and craft. The characteristic that wants to produce a Flour that accords with product quality standard to must master wheaten biologic difference strictly adjusts milling craft and Flour to handle way according to change. Because this is in the manufacturing process of Flour,the character to checking Flour should have relevant measure. The quality problem that just can master the characteristic of wheaten biology difference to discover a product through detecting only finds out a reason to give solve. Detecting is the indispensable important step in Flour process shows cent to be narrated as follows. The character of wheat of 1 wheaten quality is the precondition that decides Flour quality. The biochemical composition of Flour is the gets wheat variety that decides by wheaten oneself character, producing area, mature character and the influence that reap the element such as the deposit. Simple case of attune of decision of wheaten soft strong case and; of milling craft characteristic contain miscellaneous system of quantities to clear about maturity of craft efficiency; affects Flour badly to give not to be pooh-poohed of rate; deposit to cause calorific, mildew to change to the corrode that reach bug can cause skin to become fragile or become angry as a result. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " commissariat and food industry " 2010 06 period information of science and technology

Shallow oil of the grain in talking about process of Flour Production Line detects technical application

The craft of the stand or fall of Flour quality and the quality with wheaten raw material and Flour is having inseparable connection. Production is made accord with the Flour that asks related the country must the processing process to Flour undertakes the difference that the biologic difference characteristic with skilled wheaten control differs according to its adjust the test measure that wants to have correspondence of different and characteristic place in the test process of Flour so accordingly. And only those who carry pair of raw material detect the quality problem that the biologic difference ability that masters wheat discovers finished product Flour is medium quite just can solve these problems. Undertaking in the manufacturing process of Flour science detects reasonably is the one share that makes sure Flour quality is indispensable. Of 1 pair of wheaten quality detect the premise that wheaten quality decided to the quality of finished product Flour is to make sure Flour quality amounts to mark. Wheaten producing area, breed, reap means, deposit means to be opposite the biochemical composition of Flour produced main effect. For example the characteristic that wheaten hardness decided milling craft and attune pledge circumstance; contained miscellaneous quantity to affect clear the adult rate of the effect; wheat of craft affected his because flour extraction; stores not to be pooh-poohed brings about wheaten bug corrode to perhaps change the wheaten skin that mildew causes becomes angry or skin is fragile can. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

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