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Personal computer of Flour Production Line controls a system

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One, how does the overview apply personal computer technology to solve a problem of existence of the place in Flour to undertake in process of Flour Production Line automata and detect achieving scientific production and science administration is a main task. Begin this application to consider to taste quality crop to raising high yield, the economic value with reduce specific power consumption to improve operation condition, perfect craft to having fundamental and social benefit. At present most domestic Home Plant is in especially in Flour process of the control of crucial link and vital technology index detect the respect still uses artificial hand to move means is operated and choose what lag behind quite to detect means. The amount of flabby devise a stratagem that because this suffers factitious element effect,causes finished product crop, quality constantly greatly is not exact. Make industry of our country Flour uses amount of cost of unprocessed food grains generally to be begged, a title that flour extraction seeks often period fail to solve stabilize product output, quality to produce craft to need to be opposite well and truly at any time at will be being perfected ceaselessly henceforth with benefit to improve production, level of management. "Personal computer of Flour Production Line controls a system " the project is begun according to this one circumstance namely and finish. 2, the wheat that first working procedure in the process of influence Flour Production Line to the product is different to 4 kinds character presses milling craft particular product craft asks to undertake scale matchs. The stand or fall of tie-in quality affects finished product directly. . . (The article in all 6 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " microprocessor " 1991 01 period electronic technology application

Automata of process of Flour Production Line and personal computer run a system

Flour is the old industry that an earlier implementation changes but machine advocate the automation that presses some block starts pushbutton PIplant to produce its the course after loop power source makes progress however slow. Be in as reforming and opening 80 detect automatically whether did this block craft have our country of the later period in time of afore-mentioned breakdown, 3 kinds of report to introduce automatic product line of a few Flour from abroad condition of control of whether normal, spot satisfies the source after it is normal to wait for everything criterion they use relay mostly (use PLC individually can process designing. If starting market of reason of the discovery in the process,wait. Domestic Home Flour Production Lineplant is in if electromotor crosses carry on one's shoulder to carry stock to jam,face barrier is badly in need of when technical reformation wait for a basis the automata of the powdery product line of breakdown and system of management of personal computer information are versed in with stability grade finishs time-out to start by PLC, delay time calls the police, stop automatically to already was opened. When block all electric machinery start the PLC after ending and get used to the commissariat policy with new nation to enhance market competition ability. For this I detect automatically breakdown input dot and artificial operation dot. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

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