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Flour colour and lustre determines continuously appearance the action in process of Flour Production Line

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Whiteness of 0 introductive Flour is one of main index of Flour quality, it mirrorred the precision of Flour, have close correlativity with Flour ash content. Generally speaking Flour precision is taller, whiteness is taller, ash content is lower. In trade mart people takes Flour whiteness seriously very, think whiteness jumps over tall Flour quality to had been jumped over. The measurement of Flour whiteness is finished inside the laboratory normally, lag at producing a course. Flour whiteness determines continuously appearance is the instrument that be measured continuously on a kind of product line and records Flour whiteness. Development of institute of Beijing commissariat science succeeded JBSD85-115 Flour whiteness determines continuously appearance is technology of light of a kind of collect, machine, cable measure an instrument in real time at the high accuracy of an organic whole, provided a kind of new measure that monitor to maintain the stability of product quality. Reach higher to product quality demand as degree of powdery Plant automation, flour colour and lustre determines continuously appearance aborning monitors control respect to be sure to produce major effect to product quality. 1 principle installs to measure a canal in the conduit of road of pink of Flour Production Line, send measurement unit detected Flour, when passing sample chamber, below the vibration of oscillatory body, powdery appearance formed a more close-grained Flour plane, and can divide evenly fast slow shift. Optics measures a system to turn case of Flour colour and lustre into corresponding reflection light intensity, change into corresponding telegraphic date by photoelectricity detector again, pass electronic processing outfit finally. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " food science and technology " 1990 40 period Sichuan food oily science and technology

Watchful problem answers in Flour Production Line

Market competition is intense with each passing day, craft of Flour Production Line is ceaseless and perfect, to the production of Flourplant the technology raised taller requirement. However enterprise of a few Flour ignores manufacturing government, the technology that despises a worker grooms, make the potential of labour Plant and craft far did not develop. The author is in activity of technical advisory service, discover existence produces the problem of commonsensible mistake and undesirable operation habit not less. Have one pink Plant, come for years the star is roused to exceed bid all the time in pink especially, when to its the workshop coachs ability changes, the author discovers R technician to pull the roll of on former technology blueprint 6 % filar rake to treat as actually 6 will plan production, because roll shearing force is too large, star of the beat in causing pink is overweight. Put forward the following to have representative similar problem now, with bring to sb's attention. The workshop of Flour Production Line of pressure balance principle that 1 effort carries wind network deserves to have a group or 2 groups of effort carry wind network, there is a certain number of carrying to expect in net of same group wind canal, these carry makings canal to be in shunt-wound condition. Effort carries a principle to show, the pressure in carrying makings canal to move in wind net each self-poise, the wind force inside the canal will change along with what carry makings canal to control damage and change automatically, when carrying makings canal to promote stock grow in quantity, wind canal will decrease into wind force, other carries makings canal wind force to may increase. Conversely, carry volume of makings canal stock to decrease, wind force will increase, other carries makings canal wind force to will decrease. If handlers can master this principle, reasonable adjustment separator comes the wind of the furnish between manifold trunk. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

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