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The PLC in Flour Production Line is controlled

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Flourplant is produced to rise and administrative efficiency develops today's unifinication to control from the stand-alone control previously -- but program controls a system (PLC) of abbreviation of Programmable Logical Control. The picture hair statement that if the graph instructs industrial computer 1 times,has designed through configuration king outputs terminal 24V circuit to form loop to make the corresponding contact on strong report ark is sucked to PLCPLC close make its form loop milling movement to pass on signal to give PLCPLC farewell make a present of signal at the same time. The 1PLC application in Flour Production Line above all PLC can ask to make be started by due process or jockey to also can control stand-alone by milling craft start and stop machine the effect that has surveillant movement state. Next if stock hold back blocks tall, low stuff up,PLC calls the police to systematic breakdown call the police can make operate personnel to make effective processing in time in order to ensure the stability of Flour quality. Again if PLC use chain is in cause what call the police and affect product quality PLC to be able to give out an instruction automatically to make all likelihoods affect product quality likely to stop machine. 2PLC common breakdown reachs his to eliminate countermeasure ① computer and PLC join not to go up. Consider connective to string together buccal communication above all. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " Flour communication " 2007 01 period computer application research

System of distributing center control applies mediumly in Flour Production Line

System of distributing center control uses Guangxi computation center mediumly in Flour Production Line (Nanning five hundred and thirty thousand and twenty-two) Chen Dalian, liu Yan, zhou Wei, huang Shouquan summary the article introduces system of distributing center control to use a case mediumly in Flour Production Line from the respect such as hardware, software. The keyword is distributing center control, construction of system, the function comes true, preface of imitate screen 1 introduces the line of Flour Production Line of homebred milling, because be manual operation, trouble is very much the first, as a result of numerous distributing at each floor, cause start the operation that cease trival, coordinate each other hard, if open,stay order undeserved, cause factitious trouble, affect normal production; The 2nd, the method that lacks rare effect detects all sorts of breakdown, and because scale of production is bigger, dispersive, although operation personnel discovered a problem, often also cannot handle in time, because craft of Flour Production Line is successional very strong, cause breakdown easily to expand, affect normal production badly. To solve these problems effectively, strengthen science management, the automation level that raises Flour Production Line and improve manufacturing efficiency, guangxi computation center and Nanning Flourplant were developed jointly " system of automation of process of Flour Production Line " , devoted already use, make clear through moving more one year, the effect is very good. This system uses brief introduction of 2 system function program of distributing center control, fall a machine detect by what can make up Cheng controller 5 sets to finish spot signal with control, go up a machine by. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

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