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Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd Service Commitment:
Ensure to provide the whole set of edible oil equipment and accessories on time;
Ensure the edible oil machine installation&debugging is qualified once;
Ensure to provide the customer the palm oil mill equipment with superior material and favourable price;
Training the technical personnel how to operate the edible oil equipment to ensure the customer’s training personnel can operate the equipment independently;
In the process of installation, we will appoint a installation inspector on the site.
After the equipment’s assembling and installation, we are responsible for the commissioning of the single-stand, on-line debugging and feeding commissioning so that the palm il machine running smoothly under full load conditions.
During the edible oil pressing equipment’s warranty period, we will repair or replace the components and parts for free if the damage was caused by the quality of equipment itself.
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